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Plumsail String Workflow Actions for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online

This project provides ready to use string processing workflow actions. All workflow actions and source code are available for free.

You can use workflow actions in SharePoint Designer 2013 as well as in Visual Studio.

Workflow actions support SharePoint 2013 workflows (Workflow Foundation 4.5). All workflow actions are compatible with SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 except Foundation, because SharePoint 2013 Foundation doesn't support SharePoint 2013 workflows (Workflow Foundation 4.5).

List of string processing workflow actions

  • Split string
  • Format date
  • Get length of string
  • String contains
  • String starts with
  • String ends with
  • String to lower
  • String to upper


Use string actions as part of Workflow Actions Pack

You can use string actions as separate package or with Workflow Actions Pack. For both scenarios string processing actions are free.

Workflow Actions Pack is a paid set of workflow actions for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online.

String actions are compatible with Workflow Actions Pack, you can use string actions and upgrade to Workflow Actions without recreating your workflows.

List of workflow actions

Send and receive e-mails

  • Sync Exchange e-mails with list
  • Send e-mail with attachments

Create sites, document libraries, and lists

  • Create web
  • Create list

Query documents and list items

  • Get items by query

Permissions management

  • Add user to group
  • Remove user from group
  • Grant permission on List
  • Revoke permission on List
  • Grant permission on item
  • Revoke permission on item
  • Reset list permission
  • Reset item permission

Social integration

  • Publish to WordPress
  • Post to Micro Feed
  • Post to Twitter

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